Wednesday, October 08, 2008



I could still smile at the end of my reading. hurtful truth? biasa je...

I'm done waiting, that was just silly of me...

And regretfully...

I am also putting an end to this space. Too much revealation for my embarassement. there said.

Looking back, this space has been with me since Feb 2004. Good 4 years and i never see this coming.

*wiping tears*

I'm sorry, girls for making this space a history. Drop me ur gmail address. i'll be somewhere.. dont hesitate even if u've only been my silent reader.

[Mehran and hanin, have u got urs?]

[Ye cipah, saya ternampak link saya dekat blog awak ;p)

So i guess this is goodbye to the rest, ey?

Wish me endless happiness in my new life.

Thank you...

p/s I'll be in KL for Deepavali long weekend. invite me for open house! =D

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Thank You, Allah.

So much to write...

This raya was very meaningful, both for my family and myself...we had quality time whenever all of us were together , be it playing cards for the boys or computer games 'flip words' for the girls; eating and chit-chatting with each other or the annual bbq event. both my parents admitted that this was the best raya for them...i agreed. we didnt managed to capture family photo or have our colour theme on those days but we surely had our best memories with each others.

I was especially happy to see my nephews started to get to know each other (the youngest being 1 year old and the oldest is 11 years old) and played along. it was such an adorable scene to enjoy their antiques, cheeky and innocent. despite the fact that they only met up once or twice a year, the bonding's effortless.


Write later...

Friday, September 26, 2008

I wishh..

so this will be my first raya in Msia after 5 years abroad...

and my first raya since i started working...

but unfortunately, i am on call the night of raya=(

yup, when all my of family including the extended ones would gather at my home and have fun in our own way..i'll be stuck in the hospital with my favourite MO;p until at least 7am on eid itself...i tried not to think of how much i'll miss the moments..tgh berangan2 nak clerk patients ditemani lagu raya nih, chewaahh!

by the time i finish, i need to speed drive home early in the morning to catch Eid prayer and of course after that, succumb to the food feast..lalalala...hopefully, i'll save enough energy to stay awake throughout the day...

so i'm off from work for 3 day and voluntereed myself to be oncall again on day 4 of raya. reason being, there's my relative's wedding reception and i'm totally not in the mood to answer unnecessary question together with nasty smirk; up to the point i'm tempted to tell to their face, 'mind your own bussiness!' so that's the deal, on call while having fun with my fellow colleague.

that's about it for my first raya back in Msia i think...until 3rd weekend of next week..

before i'm off, i wanna wish all of u a happy and meaningful Eid celebration with ur loved ones...may we all be blessed with Allah and within His guidance..maaf zahir dan batin..



Thursday, September 25, 2008


So, i made a mental note to find tudung and sandal.

try yang ini, letak balik...try yg itu, rasa macam biasa je...

end up beli cd lagu raya..

hmm, rindu nak shopping dengan jayanya=(

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


My first time of Ramadhan as a working lady...

The routine goes like this: i would be waken up by my mother for sahur (i know, bad daughter for not helping her out but i was too tired from daily job and driving) and quickly had my sahur before sleeping again. wake up in time to get ready for work and drives for about 40 mins to work. yeah, it's a bit of a distance but it's my parents wish to see me for berbuka and sahur...

work usually starts at 730-5pm. in between, i would walk to the kuarters during lunch break for zuhur and quick nap...most of the time, i'll be finishing by 4pm and ladida-ing while waiting to punch out. doing surgery during Ramadhan is a bless, friendly environment and much less workload; but not if i am in OT list like yesterday. it's 715pm and i was still doing the operation report.

after work, i would walk to the bazaar Ramadhan with my frens. Altho i dont have to buy anything but i still join the crowd cos i love the smell sight of food feast. heheh..once or twice, i just buy some of my favourite's to get over with my cravings...

i'd wait after 615pm before heading home to avoid pancaran matahari terik heavy traffic. I reach home in time for berbuka and after terawikh, i spend some time with more food my mum before hitting the sack...

I'm with my frens for berbuka when on call. we'd either: buy some food and eat together2, eating out at the nearest restaurant or doing Mc'D delivery..i gotta rush after that for rounds and pray hard to get some sleep while working throughout the night..

so, how's ur Ramadhan routines?

Sunday, September 21, 2008


'haha sug. thanx for the kad raya! didnt expect it. sepraiss!tq!tq! oh thank god i cud still read ur handwriting. r u really a doc? haha. selamat berbuka....'

that's cute, hon!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I need to clear up my head.

By far this tag from Farina is the trickiest to do but for the fun of it, why not?

13 random things you love: (in no particular order)
1. my faith
2. my family
3. my frens
4. books
5. good food
7. sports
8. travelling
10. Melbourne
11. Internet
12. shoes
13. bags

12 movies you like: (in no particular order)
1. Love actually
2. Harry Porter
3. Seniman Bujang Lapok
8. Ali Setan (LOL!!)
9. Pendekar Bujang Lapok

11 Band/Artists: (in no particular order)
1. Anuar Zain
2. Faizal Tahir
3. Kerispatih
4. Faizal Yusop
5. Johnny Depp
6. Takuya Kimura
7. Nicolas Putra
8. Jason Mraz
9. Usher

10 things about you physically and personality wise:
1. short-fused
2. (emotionally) transparent
3. **-24-36
4. appreciative
5. simple
7. cepat merajuk
8.(not so) LPU?

9 songs for your wedding: (in no particular order)
Ohhh, i think i'll pass these to the future husband lah.

8 fav drinks/food: (in no particular order)
1. lasagna
2. air cendol
3. ayam masak pedas
4. ikan keli masak sambal
5. ikan patin masak lemak cili api
6. Krispy Kreme
7. Spaghetti
8. Laksa!!

7 things you always wear:
1. baju
2. seluar
3. tudung
4. sunnies
5. kasut
7. bags

6 pet peeves: (in no particular order)
1. being scolded for any reason =(
2. sweet talker
3. taken for granted
4. sleepless night
5. hunger (kan, Mehran?hehe..)
6. hot weather

5 things you touch everyday: (in no particular order)
1. handphone
2. my face
3. pen
4. food
5. laptop

4 shows you watch: (in no particular order)
1. Takuya Kimura's
2. OTH
3. Grey's Anatomy
4. Oprah's

3 celebrities:
1. P Ramlee
2. Oprah

2 current wishes:
1. shopping spree in Melbourne with girlfriends
2. meeting life partner

1 person you could spend the rest of your life with:
1. No 2 in aboved question

I'm feeling sleepy and dizzy. I've been working for more than 28 hours with only 3 hours sleep.

My tummy also hurts.